Holiday Club Bouncy Castle Disclaimer Form


    Special conditions for Staff to follow:

    1 It is a condition precedent to our liability that whenever bouncy castles/go karts are used:
    A) the manufacturers’ and/or suppliers’ instructions regarding use, safety and maximum recommended numbers of children must be complied with at all times;
    B) no adult must be allowed to play on the bouncy castle/go karts;
    C) the location and the moorings for the bouncy castle must be safe and suitable;
    D) the bouncy castle/go kart equipment must be checked by a club official before use to ensure that there is no defect or damage;
    E) at least two members of staff must supervise the bouncy castle/go karts at all times; F) safety mats must be in the correct place and kept clear at all times;
    G) supervising staff must be able to see all children on the bouncy castle/go karts and be close enough to support any child that may come off or be in need of help;
    H) the bouncy castle must be deflated when not in use;
    I) one member of staff must check the bouncy castle every half hour to ensure that the
    moorings are stable, the blower is pumping in air correctly and the air vents are secure; J) a trained First Aider must be present on site;
    K) food and drink must not be permitted on the bouncy castle/go karts;
    L) children are not be permitted to
    (i) wear jewellery, watches or shoes/boots/trainers etc, or have any sharp or pointed objects whilst on the bouncy castle.
    (ii) perform any type of acrobatics or climb the walls or supporting pillars of the bouncy castle.
    (iii) go either around the back or the sides of the bouncy castle at any time
    (iv) have access to the bouncy castle whilst it is being deflated;
    M) children must
    (i) walk on and off the bouncy castle on all occasions
    (ii) be grouped in relation to their size and age.

    Rebeccas holiday club bouncy castle disclaimer form word doc
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