St. Francis School Out Of School Club Parental Permission

Please complete the secure online form below or download, complete and return a MS Word or PDF version of the St. Francis Parental Permission.

Please read through this sheet carefully. Ticking the boxes and submitting this secure online form is providing us with your consent for your child to attend Rebecca’s Out Of School Club and tells us that you have read and understood all of the terms by which your child will be child will be cared for.

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    Parental permission for St. Francis School After School Club

    Please could you read and tick the following statements to give your permission for the following (if appropriate):

    Transportation/Collection from school

    I for my child to be transported by a staff member, in their car, using a suitable car seat or booster seat.

    I for my child to sit in the front passenger seat using a suitable car seat or booster seat.


    Gaming devices

    Sun Protection



    I that my child's images can be included on the Website and facebook pages for Rebecca’s Scrap book.


    Occasionally we will watch U rated films. I that my child can watch these films.


    Information Sharing

    *Except in Child Protection cases where it is judged that the child may be placed further at risk.

    First Aid

    Administration of Medicine


    Emergency Action

    *Please state if there are any exceptions to this i.e. blood transfusions and give details:

    Signature (Please type your name):

    Date YYYY-MM-DD:

    Rebecca's Parental Permission
    Rebecca's Child Info Form PDF
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